Sugr Cube

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Minimalist Speaker with

Amazon Alexa and Spotify Connect

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Intuitive Music Controls

Whether writing songs, playing piano, or strumming guitar strings, music and hands are inseparable which is why each Cube uses innovative motion controls. Enjoy music with a simple touch.

  • Tilt Sugr Cube left to play the previous song.

    Trigger Alexa
  • Tap Sugr Cube to stop or play the present song.

    Play or Pause
  • Tilt Sugr Cube right to skip to the next song.

    Tilt Left / Right
    Previous or Next

Directly Connect to Wi-Fi

Direct music streaming from many online radio stations. Sugr works independently from your smartphone. Your music experience is never interrupted by phone calls, texts or notifications.

Spotify Connect

Sugr Cube has Spotify Connect built in. Using the Spotify app as a remote, your music and playlists are ready to play!

AirPlay Compatible

Sugr Cube works with Airplay, connecting your iPhone®, iPad®, Mac® to stream your music library. Listen to what you want, when you want, from any Apple device.

On-the-Go Music

With a 24 hour battery life and storage for hundreds of songs,
enjoy music with Sugr Cube anytime!

Super sound quality that you won’t be willing to turn off! Enjoy hours of easy listening the way you want to.

Small, yet Powerful

Volume and sound quality aren’t limited by size.
Sugr Cube is perfect for quiet solo listening or for turning up the music at your next party.

Quality components accurately present the beauty of music