Spooooky Halloween Contest from Team Sugr!

Hello Sugr Community!

As our American users of Sugr Cube Music Speakers are certainly aware of, this week is the spookiest holiday of them all…. Halloween! Pumpkins, candy, haunted houses, costumes, and more make this holiday the perfect combination of sweet and scary.

Much like this deliciously horrifying dessert...

Much like this deliciously horrifying dessert…

As the name Sugr Cube likely implies, we love the sweet part of this haunted holiday, but we are also very big fans of everything scary.

That’s why we are asking you all to contribute your spookiest, creepiest, most haunting and horrible scary stories to us!  Whoever has the scariest story wins a very sweet surprise. Like big bag of candy of your choice sweet ;). Scary stories that make us laugh are also acceptable (pranks going wrong always make for great material!).

Honestly, the engineers have been working way too hard on Sugr Cube Speaker updates and advancements, so it’s time we bring them a bit of the “holiday spirit” and scare them senseless (muahaha).  We’ll make sure to take plenty of terrified pictures!

Make sure to like us on FB or Twitter (click on the hyperlinks if you aren’t already following us!) and message us there with your tale of ghosts, monsters, or whatever crazy stories you can concoct for us in order to enter. Thanks guys!

And finally…

  Happy (almost) Halloween from Team Sugr!!!!!

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