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Greetings from Team Sugr!

When we aren’t working on improving the world’s first touch-based, motion controlled speaker, we are listening to music, watching the news, and wondering what we can do to be better… See? Even when we are supposed to be relaxing we end up thinking about you guys!

Sugr Blog wants to keep you up on developments on our music speaker from and with things that we think you all would appreciate. As fellow music lovers and members of this ever so interconnected world of ours, we’ve got to share!

Interconnected World
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Stay informed via Sugr Cube

To find out more about where our product is headed, you have to stay tuned to Sugr Blog, our Facebook, our Twitter, and our Forum. As you can tell our blog is a catchall; we will post articles on our team, our favorite music, and most definitely of our many developments as a company and as a producer of quality music based electronics.

Social Media

Our Facebook and Twitter will keep you busy with weekly music recommendations and the occasional tech article (go figure, a technology company that makes intuitive gesture controlled speakers likes music and science!).


Check out and join the chats going on at the Forum, where you can make suggestions, comment, critique, and hangout with others who love music and quality sound. Improving a WiFi speaker based on streaming music services, motion controls, and apps is easier with feedback, and your thoughts are valuable to us! We will also announce developments, betas, and more. So basically…

We Can’t Wait to Hear From You!

 -Team Sugr

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