Weekly Sugr Update: Adding Songs to Your Music Speaker Made Easy!

Hi Sugr Users!

Happy Weekend! Enjoy it with some new music from your personal library uploaded onto your Sugr Cube.  Before you transfer, make sure you’ve downloaded our newest app from iTunes, Google Play, or scan at http://fir.im/sugr, and firmware (use your Sugr Cube app to update the Cube’s firmware.)

How to Transfer Music:

From Computer to Cube

1. Open the Sugr Cube app.


2. Tap the bottom left button in the Cube Music menu to show the playlist.


3a. If Cube doesn’t have any local music, tap the button “Import from computer”;


3b. If the playlist is not empty, then find the “From Web” function from the top right icon.


4. Copy the address for transferring that appears in the green text field.


5. Enter this address into your computer’s browser (Chrome/Firefox/IE, etc.). This will open the file upload page. Simply drag and drop your favorite music into the Cube icon directly, or click the “Upload” button to select music from file.


6. Choose the songs you want to upload. After you’ve selected all the songs you’d like to add, click the “Choose” button.


7. The uploading progress will be shown instantly.


8. When the uploading progress is done, the Cube Music playlist in the app will be refreshed with your music, ready to be enjoyed.

Have an amazing weekend and enjoy your Sugr Cube music speakers! And remember: great music is just a touch away 😀


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