Above the Clouds
Sugr Think

Brings voice interaction capability from cloud to edge devices.

Interact with privacy and security

Applicable on multiple products

Supports all Sugr Sense solutions

Customizable wake words

Excellent Far-Field performance

About Sugr Think

Sugr Think is a full-fledged offline solution to bring voice interaction capability from the cloud to edge devices. We partner with Sensory for TrulyHandsFree, TrulyNatural and TrulySecure in offline voice mode.

It keeps us connected, anytime, everywhere with privacy, security and seamless hands-free experiences. With optimized with Sugr Sense Audio Front End algorithm, users can wake up the device from 10m away or in noisy environments.

Enhanced Capability

Partner with Sensory to support TrulyHandsFree, TrulyNatural and TrulySecure.

Applicable to lighting products, dimmers, switches, thermostats, small appliances, and more.

✓ Supports Sugr Sense A, N, E, B3 and etc.

✓ 9 feet response accuracy rate over 98%.

✓ Wake Word Engine (multi-language)

✓ Voice commands (multi-language)

Sugr Think

Brings voice interaction capability from cloud to edge devices.

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