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Sugr Sense Software AFE Dev Kit

Available to various platforms

Available on multiple operating systems

Flexible and Easy implementation

Ultra-low power consumption

Faster time-to-market product

About Soft AFE

Sugr Sense Software AFE Dev Kit is an industry-leading solution, designed to build high quality, Far-Field Alexa built-in products. It has passed the Amazon Alexa (AFE) Qualification and Amazon Alexa Voice Service Certification.

This development kit is based on NXP i.MX8M Mini, powered by Sugr's advanced dual-pipe voice processing algorithms. Pipe one is for speech recognition. Pipe two is for voice communication. Both pipes run simultaneously, and support wake word detection with 0ms latency.

Enhanced Capability

Sugr Sense Software AFE Dev Kit supports 2-mic, 4-mic, 6-mic and custom configurations. It provides scalable and flexible connectivity solutions.


With Sugr Sense AFE Dev Kit, brands and manufacturers can easily and quickly develop voice-enabled products in Smart Home, Automobile and Wearable applications.

✓ Dual-pipe architecture

✓ Multi-channel Acoustic Echo Cancellation

✓ Blind Source Separation

✓ Machine learning based noise reduction

✓ Adaptive Dynamic Range Control

✓ Multiple codecs supported

✓ Wake Word Engine (multi-language)

✓ Voice commands (multi-language)

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