SugrFM: Sugar by Maroon 5

Thursday today! Tomorrow will be the last day of the busy working day!

Are you excited to the coming weekend? Add Sugr to your cup of music!


Today’s recommendation from Sugr is Sugar by Maroon 5.

This is absolutely addictive, well yes, I am talking about both Sugar and Sugr!



“I want that red velvet I want that sugar sweet.” Do you want the Sugr sweet?


Definitely Sugar is not a new song, but the sweetness showed through the music video is so impressive that it is still fresh in our mind. It is such a creative music video that Adam Lavine and the band crashed weddings in L.A. and surprised the couples with their performances of their song “Sugar”. It is so sweet and warm, which sweetened all our hearts.



The couples are all shocked and excited. Maroon 5 brings happiness to their weddings.


That’s not only the power of star, but also the power of music. Music can lead our emotion, a happy song can cheer us up while a sad song can make us burst into tears. Sugar can bring you sweetness and also Sugr wants bring you sweetness through music.

“You show me good loving.

Make it all right.

Need a little sweetness in my life.


Yes please

Won’t you come and put in down on me”


Enjoy the music at:

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