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Here we sense the beauty of technology, the elegance of sound and the joy in life. We look for hybrid talents and build diverse teams to find solutions uniquely and creatively.


Come join us.

The common sense
unite us.

Our common sense guide how we make decisions, treat each other, and serve our customers. More than simply words, our sense are the common thread that unites us.

Be simple, be brief. 

In Sugr, we simplify complex problems and give simple solutions. 


To understand, to feel the others.

In Sugr, we place ourselves in another's position to make things great.


Be preeminent, also be respectful.

In Sugr, we are a competitive sport team with a sense of fellowship.

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Hardware Development

  • Purchasing & Resourcing Engineer

  • Structure Design Engineer



  • Senior Back-end Development Engineer

Software Development

  • Embedded Software Engineer (FreeRTOS / Linux / Bluetooth)

  • Senior Embedded Software Engineer

  • Software Testing Engineer

Business Development

  • Cloud Service Sales

  • Business Development Manager

  • E-commerce Operation

Algorithms Development

  • Senior DSP Development Engineer

  • DSP Algorithm Verifying Engineer

Human Resources


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